🇬🇧 Battle Hero Download and Getting Started Guide

Battle Hero
4 min readJan 8, 2022


1.Go to https://play.battlehero.io/account. To create your account you must have your wallet connected.

Once you have the wallet connected, you must enter your Email, Password and Nickname. Remember to enter a valid email, where you will be notified of any notification. And click on “REGISTER”.

Once signed, your account will have been created and associated to your wallet.

2. IMPORTANT ! Your account will be pending acceptance. Once accepted, we will notify you by email as soon as your access is ready.

3. Download the launcher, for Windows and MAC. For iOS and Android, you will see the game inside the official market, we add here the direct URLs.
Windows: https://battlehero.io/launcher/windows/launcher.zip
MacOS: https://battlehero.io/launcher/macos/launcher.zip
iOS: Pending acceptance by the App Store.
Android: Pending acceptance by the Android Store.

PS: We have integrated Battle Hero in launchers and in the official stores of each operating system, in order to offer a service of 10 in each update. By simply opening your launcher, or updating your APP you will enjoy the current version without the need to download other executables. Now everything will depend on the launcher you have downloaded, or the application you have installed.

4. Run the launcher. It will show different stages.
Downloading: You will only see it the first time, since it will download the game completely.
Updating: You will see it when we upload a new update, it is the way to tell you that you are updating to a new version.
Unziping: It will be extracting the downloaded zip, this happens both after Downloading and Updating.
Launching: After Launching, it will open Battle Hero.

Errors that we can find:
A) Depending on the PC, an alert may appear in unzipping similar to this.

Do not worry, it is simply that the system does not detect the publisher and is executing a function. If you click on run anyway, the process will start.

B) In MacOS, we will have to give permission to the executable (after opening it) from “Security and Privacy”.

5. Log in with your email and password, with which you registered previously.

6. To be able to play Battle Hero you must select a hero and a weapon, that selected hero will be the one with which you will enter the game to unleash your bullets. To do this go to NFTs.

In NFTs you will be able to see all the Heroes you own. Select the one you want.

You will see your Hero in 3D and his stats, and without weapon. If you don’t have a weapon, you will have to equip one by clicking on EQUIP.

In the EQUIP section, you will see all your owned weapons. Click on the Weapon you want to equip your Hero with.

Once you choose your Weapon, you will see your Hero with the selected Weapon.

Simply press SELECT and you will return to the main menu, but now, with your Hero and Weapon, ready for war.

7. Select the mode you want to play in CHANGE MODE.

Once selected simply click on PLAY. And matchmaking will start working.

8. Once the opponents are found, the background will change and the game will start.

9. LUCKY (and skill, this is not a click2earn😜) IN THE BATTLE!



Battle Hero

Battle Hero comes to break the stereotype of NFT games, with an entertaining shooter. The NFT game you'll want to play.