🇬🇧 Season 1 has arrived — Battle Hero

And the first season of Battle Hero has arrived, starting today. So we can already tell you:
“Dear players, we are in the 1st season of Battle Hero”.
Before we number the different changes, we want to define season 1 as the beginning of everything. You will see that all the changes are focused on having a good team, because in this season the shooting will start, and what Battle Hero really is.


1. We increased BETA accesses exponentially. (01/21 implemented)

What better way to start the changes of season 1, than with this title. And yes, as you have read, more than 500 new players will enter every day. The servers are performing phenomenally well, we will gradually adjust it so that all players have a good experience.
This, without a doubt, is a way to tell you that everything is going smoothly and that we continue working day by day, to have the best NFT game in the market.

2. We add a new Hero and Weapon. (01/21 implemented)

Tantarantán… (Sound of drums). He joins Team Capone, a mobster ready to shoot left and right. And what would a mobster do without his Gun, so we added the Tommy Gun to the arsenal.
From now on, both Capone and Tommy Gun are added to the drop of the chests.

3. Season chests. (01/21 implemented)

With these new chests, we managed to divide the rarities in 3. In order that if you are clear about what rarity you are looking for, it will be easier to get it by acquiring the chest that has a higher drop % of the rarity you are looking for.
With this change, we put no limit, the player who is clear that he/she wants a great team will be able to spend a greater amount of BATH for it. This results in a higher token burn, and a more continuous movement of BATH.
You’re probably wondering if there will be a Hero and/or Weapon chest. And no, and we’ll explain why, the 50% random drop between Hero or Weapon makes each NFT even more exclusive and difficult to get. This causes an increase in the price of some of the scarcer NFTs.
On the other hand, the burn will remain at 80% and 20% will go to the reserve wallet.

That said, we present you the 3 new season chests
Hero Chest — 1250BATH
Common: 69,12
Low Rare: 29.50%
Rare: 1,33
Epic: 0,05

SuperHero Chest — 5500BATH
Rare: 10,94
Low Rare: 73.22%
Epic: 15.79%
Legendary: 0,05

UltraHero Chest — 25000BATH
Epic: 26.15% Rare
Legendary: 68.95%
Mythic: 4.90%

4. The PE Chest (01/21 implemented)

We have already warned that the PE will be gaining strength in Battle Hero. Having an internal currency (tokenized but unquoted) allows us to play with it in a thousand ways. And one of them will be giving the opportunity to buy a chest that will only be available with PE.

The PE Chest follows these probabilities:
Common: 54,93%
Low Rare: 27,47%
Rare: 13,73%
Epic: 3,43%
Legendary 0,43%
Mythic: 0.01%

Its price is 5000PE.

That PE consumed in chest, will be exchanged for BATH from the reserve, and will be burned at 100%.

5. The Lucky Chest. (01/21 implemented)

Can you imagine a low-cost chest with crazy drops? Well, here comes the Lucky Chest. The Lucky Chest is intended for those players who like a little more risk, but a risk that can end in a sweet moment.

Its cost will be only 150 BATH.
The drop of the Lucky Chest is as follows:
No prize: 25%
250PE: 43%
500PE: 4%
1000PE: 3,4%
1500PE: 2,5%
100 BATH: 4%
200 BATH: 3,4%
500 BATH: 1,5%
1000 BATH: 1,25%
Hero/Weapon Common: 5,7%
Hero/Weapon Rare: 2%
Hero/Weapon Epic:1,5%
Hero/Weapon Legendari: 0,02%
Hero/Weapon Mythic: 0,005%

To help you and make it easier to interpret these numbers, you have a 32% chance of receiving something equal to or better than the value of the chest. And, on the other hand, you would have a 9% that your investment of BATH (150BATH), would be multiplied by at least 5. And, finally, you have a 68% chance of receiving half or less.

6. We add the change BATH to PE(21/01 implemented)

We added the change from PE to BATH. Where 1BATH are 3 PE.

7. STAKING: BATH x BATH + Prizes (Will be implemented soon…)

Can you imagine staking your BATH and receiving chests, skins… and also a return?. The community asked for it, and what less than listen to you and implement it. For this reason we will implement a BATH stake, where you will receive an APR for your stake and prizes.
Soon we will give the most detailed announcement. But I can tell you that the stake will be brutal

8. Bonus from BATH to PE(Will be implemented soon…)

In addition, we add a 10% bonus (cumulative up to 50%) on every exchange over 1000 BATH. This will cause that your first exchange from BATH to PE will be 1BATH to 3PE, but the next one will have that 10% and will go up to 1BATH to 3,3PE. And so on until you reach 50% where 1BATH to 4.5PE.
This accumulation will be eliminated if in 30 days you do not make any exchange. Each time you do so, the counter will return to 0.

9. Modification to exchange from PE to BATH (Will be implemented soon…)

We add a small modification, where there will be no days of difference between change and change. You can make change as many times as you want every day.
As of the implementation of this change, a rate of 10% (cumulative) will be applied and will be reduced daily in the following 30 days.
If, for example, we make a change on day 1, a 10% charge will apply. If we make a second exchange on the 15th, a 5% commission will be applied since 50% of that 10% applied will have been reduced. But we will add another 10%, so the commission will be 15%, and it will take another 30 days to reduce to 0%.




Battle Hero comes to break the stereotype of NFT games, with an entertaining shooter. The NFT game you'll want to play.

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Battle Hero

Battle Hero

Battle Hero comes to break the stereotype of NFT games, with an entertaining shooter. The NFT game you'll want to play.

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